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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

5 Helpful Tips for Holiday Tech Shopping

TwitterMoms and Staples has teamed up and asked that i share 5 Helpful tips with my readers for holiday tech shopping!You can read more about this request here.

All year around a different new electronic comes out that the kid's want,especially when it was just less then 2 months before that request they wanted a different one!! I wonder what is next!!As soon as i learn how to work one gadget another hit the shelfs.All the iPods and computers my kids master i have to ask them to teach me.When i see some of the prices for these items it just floors me.I have a "system" that i go by everytime i think about making a purchase for anything.I hope my 5 tips for holiday shopping helps you out.Please feel free to add to these.
  1. Prioritize- Is the item something that is really needed or is it something wanted? Can it fit in the budget without sacrificing a bill or another needed expence?Stick to the set budget for the item you plan to spend your money on.
  2. Plan- Take a few weeks and look at your Sunday Newspaper ads,scope out prices,check out if any of the Department Stores in your area offer price comparison.
  3. Search the Web- Join cash back sites on the internet so you can get a percentage of your cash back for your item/items.Most cash back sites offer money just to join.Read different feedback/reviews on sites that others leave about the quality of the product.
  4. Deals- On different holidays sales are always available.Black Friday is a good time to shop or Cyber Monday offer internet sales.Join Mommy Blogs that always post about the deals and bargains.I find alot of deals a day before the holiday or on the holiday or day after.Stores that sometime are going out of buisnss offer alot of marked down prices.
  5. Do your homework- Keep all reciepts,all ads if you used them for price comparison,keep up with your warrenty if you purchase one or if one is included,ask the salesman all about the item ask what the return policy is,if you put the item on layaway you want to know all the information on any fees, cancelation fees,if item goes on clearence will it get marked down while on layway,grace periods.
I hope my tips help you out,if you have any that you would like to share please feel free to comment~

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Monday, November 29, 2010

November Giveaway $25 Gift Card to Target

The Frugal Free Gal is giving one of her lucky readers a $25 Gift Card to Target!!!

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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

10 Tips for stylish layering techniques for all occasions

TwitterMoms and Cuddl Duds have teamed up together and asked me to share with my readers some tips to use for stylish layering for all occasions!For more information about this request you can click here.

Im sure we all have our own different likes and dislikes about the different seasons of the year.I personally don't do well in the heat,it makes me cranky but i have no choice but to be in it at times due to where i live.As far as the winter,i try to advoid the cold especially when it snows!! When i have to go out into the heat or the cold i make sure im not only dressed to impress but im dressed to be very comfortable!!Spring time is my favorite time of the year because it's not to hot and it's not to cold!

I hope the tips that i share will be helpful to you and please feel free to leave some of yours!!!!!!
  1. Tank tops- These are my #1 favorite to wear any season of the year.Anyone can wear them and be comfortable.Men,woman and kids can wear them in the summer under any shirt to protect from sweating.They go great under t-shirts,sleeveless shirts,v-necks,ect. they are so thin and blend in so well.For woman they are great with covering up the lace trim of our bra's and straps.
  2. Vests- My son loves wearing vests!! He wears them in the warm and cold weather with the sleeves attached or he will unzip them and go sleeveless.They are so comfortable and their so easy to slip on and off.
  3. Turtkenecks-A turtleneck is so good to wear and they come in all different colors and styles.You can wear the turtlenecks that are sweaters,t-shirt turtlenecks that are lower down on your neck in case you don't like the feeling of having clothes on your neck.My daughter wears alot of her dresses in the winter that are turtlenecks.They keep the cold air from your chest as well.
  4. Long Sleeve shirts- Long sleeve can go under any type of shortsleeve or longsleeve shirt.It gives you that extra protection from the cold air.They are helpful for those who has to wear uniforms that are thin to stay warmer.It's best to wear them as a solid color.
  5. Wool- Wool sweaters are good to wear,if your skin is sensitive you can always wear a tang top under it or any t-shirt.I usually wear a long sleeve shirt under it with the color stciking out for the fashion look!If i get to warm it's easy to just take it off.
  6. Tights- For any weather tights go good under skirts,the skirt can be jean material if you would like,its all up to you.Tights also go well under those jeans everyone wears for style,they have the holes under the backside and knees.You can wear them under dresses as well.
  7. Solid Colors- Many different colors go well with the solid black or white colors.When you wear a solid white or black longsleeve under a bright color shirt it goes well.It's easy to find clothes that will go along with what ever color you choose.
  8. Double socks- In the cold weather i get cold feet inless i double up my socks to keep them warm.I double them up as well to help fit into my sneakers so they are tighter.Sometimes i buy my sneakers a bigger size so they last.Or my socks might be to long i will tuck them under my toes.
  9. Stomach Girdle- For those of us who has to tuck in our belly this is the perfect solution.You can purchase them with the bra attached.I like to wear them under skinny jeans and i always wear them in black to blend in with my outfit.The good thing about wearing a girdle is if your wearing one of those shirts that tie around the back of your neck it supports you with the built in bra.Any clothes that you need a strapless bra with will work with the stomach girdle.
  10. Bras- For those of us who love our lace bra's without the patteren showing through your clothes it's good when you wear layers of clothing.Or if you have workout clothes on you would wear a sports bra.With all the above clothes any bra would work out and still hold up good with the different layers.Again,you might want to keep the colors to black and white according to your shirt color.

Please feel free to add to this list!!

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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

My Favorite Road Trip!!!

TwitterMoms  and  Discount Tire has teamed up together and asked me to share my special memories from a special road trip!!You can read all about the request here~


With being a Mother im sure you all know what it means to have children in elementry school.It's always alot to do as far as participating with all the field trips and activities that require parents to be involved in!!!!

Last year my neice had a fieldtrip to the zoo.Her mother(my sister)signed me up to be a chaperone along with her.I was excited because i love animals and i haven't been to the zoo in years.

We had to wake up at 6am to start the 3hr drive.Some of the kids choose to ride on the school bus and 6 of us choose to drive in my sisters van.We followed behind the school bus,to be safe the bus driver drove like 10 miles under the speed limit so the trip took alot longer on the road.


We had 4 kids with us in our van,we sang alot of songs and played the "I spy" game!! We didn't really get tired with all the fun games and toy's that we took along in the van.We had music,a portable dvd player and the laptop.We took turns taking pictures with the camera and shared hard candy.
We were able to talk to the bus driver with the cell phone,i couldn't believe it when she said many of the kids fell to sleep on the bus.There was so many neat things to see on the way and they were missing it all!
Our van load was so ready to get to the zoo.We were taking so many pictures of the farms and fields as we passed them and many pretty ponds.We saw a few deer along the way and was so amazed at how peaceful they looked.  

As my sister was driving she couldn't help but look out the window at the deer with us.We were so focused on the deer in the grass that no-one noticed the deer that took off accross the road right in between the bus and our van.My sister had to slam on her brakes,it happened so fast.Everyone was safe and in their seat belts.No-one was hurt and the deer disappeared in less then 2 seconds.
Before we knew it we were so close to the entrance.We were finally at the zoo.

It was such a fun trip!!! I look forward to going every year now!!

Are you planning a road trip?Please feel free to share your experience!
I hope that my tips for your road trip will help you as we learned them along the way!!!

  • Always have your tires and brakes checked before your road trip just incase a deer might run in front of your car.Have everyone in a seatbelt as well.
  • Make sure if your the driver you have your eyes on the road every second of your trip,you never know what could happen in the matter of seconds.
  • Take along games and things that will keep the kids buisy.Sing different songs and use your imagination just like as you were a kid again!
  • Always plan your trip with a little extra time window incase there's a need to stop at restrooms or to get a snack.
I hope these tips help you out and prevents someone from having a bad roadtrip!!!!!!!!!! Have fun with your trip but also be safe...

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Saturday, November 20, 2010

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Adventures in all things food: Giveaway - $25 Visa Gift Card (Holiday Gift Guide)

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Thursday, November 18, 2010

10 tips for weaving the hottest runway trends into your day-to-day looks

Twittermoms and Sears Kenmore has teamed up for a fun new call for blog submissions asking me to share 10 tips for weaving the hottest runway trends into your day-to-day looks,  you can read more about this request here

Im sure if your anything like i am its very important to look our best out in public!! The hottest runway trends are always changing from season to season and keeping up is very important!! I have a teenage girl who will refuse to go to the mall with me inless im some what on point with the todays fashion world,in her eyes my hair has to be the correct color,my nails has to have the coolest design,my make-up has to be applied a certain way and my clothes has to be from the hottest line.I quess you wont see me out to often with her!!

Im no superstar or no plain jane,i just like to look nice and presentable.I have a few tips i would love to share with you for weaving the hottest runway trends into your day-to-day looks.

  1. Keep your favorite blog bookmarked- I found a blog online where all the latest beauty products are updated on a daily basis.It posts all the different beauty products that are out along with reviews and prices.I always read the reviews before i purchase beauty products.
  2. Subscribe to your favorite fashion magizine- Find a good subscription deal on a magazine that you can always count on to show you the latest styles.Its good to read about how to apply make-up and see the latest shoes out.
  3. Keep up with the fashion reality shows- Tons of reality shows on tv are up to date with fashion.I love the Hairshow,i learn all the different hairstyles that are in.I watch the talk shows and im in love with the Style Network channel.
  4. Be a frugal shopper- Yard sales,consinment shops,and coupons will carry you a long way with being able to save on the beauty products, fashion purses and clothes we all love.You can even find good deals online.
  5. Watch the fashion shows- Jerseylicious is a reality show that i watch faithfully!The girls are all hairdressers and dress well.I learn so many hair styles watching them.I love their make-up.
  6. Get measured-In order to look good,you must have your measurements in the correct places.You dont want to wear a pair of slacks with the bottoms touching the ground,or your bra snapping open.
  7. Department Stores/Outlets-From my experience,when i shop at the outlet stores i find more deals and the lattest fasion.I can find bargins with department stores but outlets are discounted allready.
  8. Shop in your attic- Im sure some place in your house or storage you have clothes bagged that went out of style yrs ago,well these days all the fashion from the past has come back.I found so many neat scarfs in my attic along with the colorful pants i thought were never going to come back into style.
  9. Trade and borrow- Family members and friends will always be willing to trade or borrow different items.The pink shirt your sister dont like would give to you for your blue eye shadow.
  10. Watch Entertainment Tonight-  All the celebrities are always up to par with the hottest fashion.The latest purses,shoes and make-up styles can be watched on Entertainment Tonight.

I hope these tips are useful to you,please feel free to share some of yours below.

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Who brings comfort and joy to my life!!!!

Twittermoms and Kleenex has teamed up and requested me to share with you who brings comfort and joy to my life! You can read more about this request here

When i first saw this request posted at Twittermoms i knew i had to share,this would be a good topic to share with my readers because it was something i was just thinking about yesterday.This hits home for me because its something so special and dear to my heart.My good friend Zabrina,she brings me comfort and joy in my life on a daily basis.I could blog atleast 40 pages about all the comfort and joy she gives me.

For me a friend is someone who i can trust and believe in,someone who is here for me and willing to give me their shoulder to cry on at anytime.In return im that same friend to them.In my life i have had many good friends who i have been able to laugh and cry with.We would be close for many years and share many secrets.I still have these friends but i have this one special friend named Zabrina.When asked to blog about who brings comfort and joy in to my life i have to say she is off the charts!!!!
Our friendship is so special to me in so many ways.I struggle on a daily basis with excessive sleepiness called Narcelepsy.I can barely funtion even with taking medication,it takes alot of energy for me to just get up out of the bed in the mornings to shower.Getting showered and dressed daily is much more like a 2hr job.As a mother of 4 children i have been so blessed to have Zabrina as part of my life.Not only does she work a full time job she also helps me care for my 4 kids.Many mornings are hard for me,my 3yr old is like having 4 toddlers! Zabrina is right by my side helping to get him ready for school and out the door on time all before she starts work.The other kids are teens so they pretty much can do alot themselfs.
Zabrina has been here for me through thick and thin,on those days i cant open my eyes its her who will pick the kids up from school,help them with their homework and loves cooking dinner! I would be so lost without her,,on many days when i would cry and be ready to give up Zabrina would lend me her shoulder to cry on and give me that extra push to keep going.We have been friends for the past 17yrs and i look forward to the many more years to come!!

Do you have someone or something that brings joy and comfort in your life?Please share by leaving a comment!Also if you would like to send someone special a FREE PACK OF KLEENEX tissue from the  Softness Worth Sharing web site click here 

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Monday, November 15, 2010

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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Tanger has posted...

Tanger has posted...

Friday, November 12, 2010

10 Holiday Survival Tips


10 Holiday Survival Tips

Christmas is right around the corner,are you ready???
Twittermoms and Tiny Prints  are teaming up again and asked me to present you with a fun holiday blogging program! You can learn more about that request here .

For me the holidays are the most buisy times in the year with so many demands to meet with so little time.I have to admit that i use to be the most procrastinating person on this planet!! I finally learned and excepted the fact that its alot better and easier to be ontime with everything.Thanks to my favorite aunt giving me all the tips i'd like to share with you all,i have mastered the holiday madness!!

  1. Plan ahead- Dont wait intill the last minuite to complete all your shopping,know who your shopping for by making a list ahead of time.
  2. Always shop at the end of each season for the following year- near the end of each season the stores want to stock up on the next seasons items as soon as possible so they place alot of sales to get the new items out on the floor.Clearence racks will be everywhere so take advantage!!
  3. Couponing- To maximise your savings,plan 1-2 hrs each week to clip and cut coupons.Using coupons on clearence items will make a huge savings in your pocket.Know your store policies!
  4. Black Friday-- If possible leave the kids with a babysitter that you trust on the day you go shopping,we all know how hard and irritating it can be when the kids are winning,hungry,tired and just not listening.If you have to take the kids make sure they eat and nap before your shopping trip and take toys and snacks along.You will thank me!!
  5. Get creative- Check out the deals at Tiny Prints Christmas Cards you can create them to be a special meaning for everyone,just make sure you order and send them out in time for Christmas,who wants a late Christmas card! lol
  6. Make it all about loving and caring- Christmas isnt just about giving.Its a time for love,happiness and joy.If you cant afford to gift,especially during a time like this dont feel bad,enjoy the family and love one another.Share stories and laugh together.
  7. Do NOT wait intill the night before to wrap presents- I hate wrapping presents,i enjoy unwrapping but wrapping is just so iratating to me because i just cant seem to wrap the gift without a part of the gift sticking out in the corners,im horrible with wrapping.Wrap a few weeks ahead of time so you can wrap 2-3 at a time.
  8. Gift Swaps- My family is so large that it would cost and arm and a leg to shop for everyone,atleast 4 months before Christmas we have a name of a swap buddy to shop for.It saves alot of money and time.
  9. Layaways- Plan a layaway early in the year,as items go on clearence most stores automatically reduce your layaway items down the same.Check with your store to make sure.
  10. Choose a job for everyone- At the end of our family get togethers its a big mess!! We all assign a clean up job for each person and it saves so much time.
I hope these tips will help prepare you and your loved ones to have a great time together!

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Thursday, November 11, 2010

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Shannon's Tales of Motherhood: HURRY!!FREE $20 Gilt Groupe Gift Credit

Shannon's Tales of Motherhood: HURRY!!FREE $20 Gilt Groupe Gift Credit

Friday, November 5, 2010

Free Tylenol Sleep Solution Kit

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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Holiday Entertaining ~ Link up to win prizes! Ends 11/10/10

My Holiday Entertaining Post!!

For most people the holidays are so special,many of us get to reunite with our family's and friends to share special memories.For some who has no family to see and has no home it can be so hard to get through the holidays.I would like to ask all my readers to gather a few things that we could go without and wrap them up as a special Christmas gift for a homeless shelter in your area.If you cant spare anything as i do know its hard these days maybe you can volunteer a few hours at your local shelter to help serve dinner.It would make alot of people so happy and thats a good feeling to feel.Maybe you can make this an activity with your kids and make handmade cards,or sew hats or scarfs.Its such a blessing when we all help each other!
If you have any stories or tips about how to entertain for these holidays please feel free to share!

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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Holiday Entertaining ~ Link up to win prizes! Ends 11/10/10

Come link up with me to win over $2,000 in prizes!! 

Open House-Holiday Entertaining Tips~~~~~

The Holidays are here and we all know how the kids get so excited and cant wait to open up presents and bake cookies.Its all happy faces in our house the night before Christmas!! We can get so ahead of ourselfs and completly forget about fire safety! Christmas lights are so neat to have on the tree but one year i read in the Newspaper how a family's house burned down because their lights on their tree ended up catching on fire.The wires were hot up against the wraping paper on the presents and up in flames everything went.Thank goodness no-one was hurt as it was 3 days before Christmas,the family was out doing last minuite shopping.

Please,plan safe.Please make sure when your not home turn everything off,it saves electric bills also.Its another way to prevent accidents.

If you have any tips of your own to be safe these holidays please feel free to share!!   

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Day 2~ Holiday Entertaining Tips Open House

For the next 9 days i will be posting some Holiday Entertaining Tips to hopefully help my readers prepare for their holiday planning!

We all know that Christmas is almost here and that means we have many different foods to buy to prepare for our Christmas dinner, inless your eating at a family or friends house,Maybe your taking along a dish to share or making those famous home-made cookies of yours,what ever your plans are if they involve the grocery store i would like to share some tips to help with your purchases!
Using Coupons
Using coupons can make your budget much more easier if you have the time to prepare to use them,for me i take an hour a week to prepare my pile of coupons that i plan on using for my shopping.Knowing where to find coupons is very important if you plan to really save money.Some coupon lovers will purchase more then 1 sunday newspaper for the flyers filled with coupons.Usually you can find 3 main flyers such as The Red Plum,The Source and P&G.They have alot of useful coupons that will cut alot of expenses down.Maybe some friends or family members will have some coupons they wont use and will be willing to give to you.You can ask your neighborhood store for the extra newspapers that they have left over from their Sunday sales.Alot of neighbors may have a recycle bin with their leftover newspapers inside,its not a bad idea to ask if you can dive in when their filled and ready to trash.Some stores will have their own store flyers as you walk in to the store filled with their own coupons.

With using coupons its very important to use them during a sale or promotion thats going on for the extra savings.Along with a manufactors coupon you can stack it with a store coupon to double your savings.Always read your sale flyers that are included with your sunday newspaper so you know about different weekly sales.

Alot of online blogs will also post about the different sales going on and show you ways to purchase your items free or close to free.Rock bottom prices are the key to your savings.Many blogs offer info on printable coupons to use during your shopping trip.

I hope these tips will be helpful to you and please feel free to comment on some of your tips!!
Thanks,Shannon F.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Holiday Palooza - Pressman Toy Hold on Scooby Doo + Dinosour Train Review & Giveaways

Mellisa from Outnumbered 3 to 1  and Jackie from Monkey Mayhem  is each giving one of their lucky readers a chance to win a  game from Pressman Toy!!

These giveaways are open to residents of the US until November 15th

enter here  for the Hold on Scooby Doo game with Outnumbered 3 to 1
enter here  for the Dinosouar Train game with Monkey Mayhem

Have fun with all those extra entries!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Holiday Entertaining Tips!!

Can you believe the Holidays are allready here!! Where does the time go?With so many plans and so little time i would like to share some Holiday Entertaining Tips with you as part of my participation in The Holiday Open House event prize giveaway!

My Holiday Entertaining Tips
  1. Always plan ahead~ If your going to have a Christmas Party,or a New Years Party,ect.,always plan ahead.Mail out your invitations in a reasonable amount of time so your quests can plan their schedules for your event and R.S.V.P in a good amount of time.
  2. Make sure you have enough refreshments/food so no-one will go without the option of having some.Use coupons to purchase your food items.
  3. Have someone at the door to welcome your quests at all times and to show them where their coats can go.You want them to feel comfortable as soon as they step into your party.
  4. Plan events~ No-one wants to be in a dead party! Plan times for different events or games to keep your guests entertained.Have some music available to listen to.
  5. Fire safety~ ALWAYS make sure doors and windows have a lead way.You dont want anyone to block them in case everyone has to evacuate in an emergency.    

I hope My Entertaining Tips are helpful to you, please feel free to share some of your own for us all to read!