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Monday, January 30, 2012

Cooking Healthy Meals with Kids

Cooking Healthy Meals with Kids

SocialMoms and Uncle Bens has teamed up together in honor of Ben's Beginner's Contest and requested me to share some tips with you about the importance of cooking healthy meals! You may read more about this request here!

I'm sure you agree that cooking healthy meals these days is so important to our kids health and our own health. I would love to share some tips with you all of how I manage to have my kids eating healthy and they love it!!

  1. Include Everyone:  When it's time to go grocery shopping it makes it so much more fun to include the family. First start making a grocery list together at home allowing the kids to also include the healthy foods they love to eat as well. It makes them feel like their voices are heard and respected when their included. I allow them to take turns writing the grocery list. We all hop in the car and go to the grocery store together with our list prepared.
  2. Research:  It's really helpful to look up information on the Internet about the benefits of healthy food. Take turns with the kids and research each item to see what it helps in our body. Like milk helps the bones to be strong and on.
  3. Make it Fun: With each meal prepared let the kids each take turns on choosing one of the food items they want to go with dinner for the night as long as it's a healthy item. This is where the Internet researching will come in at.
  4. Assign Tasks: Before preparing dinner make a list of the tasks that's needed to be done to prepare the meal and assign each person a task. One can season the food, one can bake it or one can be in charge of cutting it up or what ever needs to be done.
  5. Eat Together at the Dinner Table: It will be easy to have everyone sit down and eat the meal together at the dinner table since everyone all helped. Each family member can share how the meal taste and plan the next shopping trip!!
I hope these tips are helpful and please feel free to comment below with some of your tips to cooking healthy meals with kids!!

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