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Monday, April 9, 2012

Sudden infant death syndrome - PubMed Health

Baby Kyle R.I.P

Do you have a infant or know anyone who does have one or maybe babysits?
If you answered yes to this question PLEASE read and educate yourself about S.I.D.S (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). This is so real and it happens to many babies. I'm not trying to scare anyone about this but I just want more people to be aware of S.I.D.S. Almost all SIDS deaths occur without any warning or symptoms when the infant is thought to be sleeping.

My nephew Baby Kyle was only 3 weeks old when he passed away to S.I.D.S in his sleep, it broke my heart and I watched my sister go through so much pain when he passed. She still has a hard time with the death of her son. It's so important to me to help spread the word about S.I.D.S, so many young teens are having baby's and may not know about it. Please help me and many others by spreading the awareness of S.I.D.S. Please read this article on Sudden Infant Death Syndrome from PubMed Health here and share with others who may not know the facts about S.I.D.S. I know we don't like to even began to think about a child passing but it's something that does happen and needs to be discussed. I feel so bad for any mother who has lost their heart goes out to them,,,


Revised American Academy of Pediatrics' (AAP) guidelines, released in October 2005, recommend the following:

DO NOT put a baby to sleep on its stomach. Side sleeping is unstable and should also be avoided.

Let babies sleep in the same room (NOT the same bed) as parents.

Only put babies to sleep in a crib.

Avoid soft bedding materials.

Make sure the room temperature is not too hot.

Offer the baby a pacifier when going to sleep.

Do not use breathing monitors or products marketed as ways to reduce SIDS.

You can read up more about these tips by reading here.

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