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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Purell - Keeping Kids Happy and Healthy

Purell - Keeping Kids Happy and Healthy
Our friends at SocialMoms and Purell has teamed up together to bring another fun blogging program for the back-to-school season to talk about keeping our kids happy and healthy going back to class. I have been asked to talk about this as a member of SocialMoms. 

With so many things to do such as shopping for school clothes, meeting the new teachers, making sure your children has their pens/pencils, just checking off the list as the days are counting down it can be easy to forget about "germs". Teaching our kids to cover their mouths when they cough to wiping their nose with soft tissue and always keeping hats with gloves on in the cold weather can be so helpful. Even being around other children who are sick with colds it can be easy to spread germs. We can often forget to remind them to keep their hands clean and sanitized at all times.

Who wants to be going back and fourth to the doctors having to pay high medical bills when all this can be prevented? Attendance is so important for our children, missing days due to colds and coughs can be very hard on their grades.

This is where Purell comes into play to save the day! Purell Advanced Hand Sanitizer is preferred by many leading health professions. Our kids can just dab a little drop on their hands, rub it in and go back to learning. They don't have to leave the classroom to go wash their hands and miss any studies! You can find Purell Advanced Hand Sanitizer at many stores such as walmart, riteaid, cvs, giants, walgreens and more.

 To celebrate, Purell and SocialMoms also have  sharable coupons for you to get a discount on the most popular PURELL® Hand Sanitizer products! How cool is that!!!

So, what are some helpful ideas to help your children go back to school with a smile and be healthy? Please comment below as I'd love to know your ideas!

About PURELL® Hand Sanitizer
Formulation matters. New PURELL® Advanced Hand Sanitizer is scientifically formulated to kill the most germs. Independent tests using FDA methods prove it. Just 1 squirt of PURELL® Advanced Hand Sanitizer kills as many germs as two squirts of any other national brand.* This breakthrough formulation also includes four different skin conditioners that make PURELL® Advanced Hand Sanitizer that will help soothe your skin and maintain moisture – no matter how often you use it. More info on PURELL Advanced Hand Sanitizer:
The Science Behind the Breakthrough.
New PURELL® Advanced Hand Sanitizer offers enhanced bacteria killing power in a formulation that makes it mild and soothing on the skin. The scientists at GOJO, backed by their 65 years in skin health and hand hygiene innovation, were able to develop a formulation that maximizes the impact of alcohol on bacteria. This new family of products works by penetrating the membrane of the germ cell more effectively, maximizing the germ-destroying power of the alcohol. As a result, PURELL® Advanced Hand Sanitizer is proven to kill more than 99.99% of the germs on hands. The innovation that became new PURELL® Advanced Hand Sanitizer was so well received by the scientific community that GOJO won the respected APIC 2011 Rutala Award for a paper devoted to the subject. And now we hand the breakthrough to you.
* Ounce for ounce kills more germs on hands than other national brands. Based on comparative study of average pump bottles using FDA Healthcare Personnel Handwash guidelines. National brands based on 52-week IRI scan data.
More info on PURELL® Hand Sanitizer:
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I wrote this blog post while participating in the SocialMoms and PURELL® Hand Sanitizer blogging program, to earn My SocialMoms Rewards Points. The opinions and ideas expressed here are my own. To read more posts on this topic, click here