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Thursday, September 23, 2010

10 Tips for Planning a Unique Baby Shower!!

Tiny Prints and TwitterMoms has teamed up to do a great blogging program,i have been asked to share 10 Tips for planning a unique Baby Shower.For more info click here

For expecting mothers having a baby is such a fun experience,there's so many items a new born baby will need.So much planning for the expecting mother to prepare for the beautiful day they deliver their bundle of joy.I love to help make things easier for them by hosting a baby shower for the new baby coming.I plan ahead so it all goes well!! I use the 10 tips that i post below and all goes well each baby shower!

  1. Plan ahead- I love to make a list of every thing that is needed for the baby shower and mark each item off as soon as its completed.If things are started at the last minuite it could get very hectic and alot of the planning could go wrong.So plan ahead incase something falls through.
  2. Purchase invitations that goes with the theme of the baby shower.If i know the theme the mother has planned for her baby i usually choose a theme to match it.If im not sure what theme she has in mind then i try to think of things i know the mother likes that could tie into the baby shower.What ever theme is choosen i will have a cake and balloons,decorations that will also go along to match.
  3. Set up someone to take pictures-Pictures are great for a baby shower,when the baby gets older his/her mother can show off the pictures of the baby shower,and even show off the pictures to friends.Maybe even create a scrap book for the memories.
  4. Plan the amount of  food and beverages needed- You never want to run out of food and beverages for  the baby shower,every quest should be able to have atleast one serving IF food and beverages will be planned.
  5. Try not to make the Baby Shower to overwelming for the mother to be- if the baby shower will be in doors have a nice temperature set for the room,you dont want her to be to hot or to cold.(when i was pregnant,id have so many heat flashes!)Make sure there's enough room for her so she doesnt feel to closed in.If its outside,set it up in an area that has shade,and keep her a cold drink available.
  6. Plan fun games- Everybody loves a chance to win a prize,sitting around being board just isnt good! Plan some fun games that offer prizes to the winners.I love to have quests choose a piece of string/yarn that they think is a match to her belly size by wrapping it around her belly.The one who quess the correct link or the closest to it can win a prize.Keep the quests entertained.
  7. Mail out or hand deliver the invitations in a timely matter.Give your quests time to prepare as well.They might need to schedule their plans according to the party date or if they need time to go shopping for a gift.Last minuite invites might not be good if people all ready have plans.
  8. Set up a registry-Some stores has a registry that you can join with ideas of the items needed for the baby.It all depends on what kind of items the mother would need or want.Try to set it up as a suprise!
  9. Give the Mother to be something that will make her feel very special on the day of the baby shower,maybe you can decorate a chair as her own chair for the party,decorate it with things,items that she would love such as chocolate,bath and beauty products,her name,ect.
  10. Quest book-  Provide a quest book that quests can sign and mark down who gave what gifts so the mother can send out thank-you cards.Also its sometimes nice to look over the book in the future.
Please feel free to share some of your tips,id love to read them!
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