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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

How Are You Protecting Your Family's Nest?

How Are You Protecting Your Family's Nest?

SocialMoms and ALLstate  has teamed up together to help share ideas and suggestions about protecting a families nest and requested for me to share as well.You can read more about this request here.

Did you know:
that half of Americans say they are under-insured? That’s 58 million* of us. And 70%* of people with kids under 18 say they would be in serious trouble if something happened to the primary breadwinner.

I know this is something many of us don't want to think about but at some point and time it has to be done.Protecting a family nest is so important,we never know what could happen to any of us.Would your loved one's be taken care of financially if something were to happen to you? Would they be stuck with the expenses of funeral costs? Who would see to it that their personal needs are meant?

I know first hand what it's like to not be prepared with insurance,2 yrs.ago my nephew passed away and my sister is a single parent so money was all ready tight.He needed a burial lot,a stone and many other expenses that go along with a tragedy like this.Nothing was set up and my sister had to come up with these expenses before any services were done.My family and I pulled together and we made it work but it was hard.I never would want to go through that again and I'm sure no one else would.

Below I would like to share some ideas and suggestions to help protect a family nest,I hope these will help:

Plan ahead for the future,don't put it off for another day.You never know what could happen.
Look into a 401 K plan from your job or collage fund,start a savings account to save any money you can.
Educate yourself,do research of all the available options that are out there that can make things easier.
Set up a plan with your loved one's in case of a emergency,make sure everyone is on the same page.

Please feel free to comment below with some more ideas to protect a family nest!!!

About Allstate Life Insurance The Allstate Corporation is the nation's largest publicly held personal lines insurer. Allstate is reinventing protection and retirement to help more than 17 million households insure what they have today and better prepare for tomorrow. Consumers access Allstate insurance products (auto, home, life and retirement) and services through Allstate agencies, independent agencies and Allstate Personal Financial Representatives in the U.S. and Canada, as well as via and 1-800 Allstate®.

More information on Allstate Life Insurance:

Allstate Life Insurance on Facebook:

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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

What One Thing Would You Give Up? #FamineNoMore | Energizer Bunnies' Mommy Reports

 Marina from Energizer Bunnies Reports has a very important post on her blog here that I read today and I wanted to help her spread the word. We often forget how blessed we are and tend to take things for granted.While we sit down at our dinner tables tonight to eat our meal please think about the many families who don't even have a slice of bread to put into their mouth,or a clean cup of cold water to drink.We are so blessed and alot of us don't even realize it or appreciate it.
Did you know…
  • Hunger is stalking 12.4 million across the Horn of Africa, with 35% of all children in the region now facing emergency levels of malnutrition.
  • Starvation is a real threat for children in famine-declared areas of Somalia.
  • 30,000 children have already lost their lives.
  • Somalia is undergoing the worst drought in 60 years
Please watch this clip to see why we need to help:

How can we help:
Please help these families,we can partner with World Vision  by joining in the Famine No More campaign and giving up on something your family enjoys,do we really need the extra soda or snacks,do we really need the extra night of take-out food instead of cooking at home cheaper??

Let's pull together by taking that extra $10 to text in a donation to “FAMINE” to “20222″ and join World Vision in fighting hunger in the Horn of Africa.You can donate more if you would like to.Just think how many hungry children we will be helping to eat just by giving something up.

If you can't donate at this time you can still help by spreading the word - blog and share with your readers about this to encourage them to give to the Famine No More cause,tweet using the hashtag #FamineNoMore  and post on facebook,anything will make a difference.If your a member on different Social Sites you can post about this,please help because we can make a difference.

So,what one thing would you give up??? Please feel free to comment below,I choose to give up starch food for 2 weeks!!

Thanks for reading,please help spread the word with us,
Shannon F.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

FREE Money Saving Apps With Windows Phone

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Monday, August 22, 2011

Review - The Day Baby Was Born - New Free Web Application

Review - The Day Baby Was Born - New Free Web Application
SocialMoms and Our friends at Tommee Tippee has teamed up and asked me to help spread the word about  The Day Baby Was Born  a new FREE web application launched by Tommee Tippee.You don't want to miss out on this,trust me!!
The Day Baby Was Born is a FREE web application that captures your baby's beginnings,a digital storybook created by gathering information automatically about the day your baby was born.These are memories you will love to have your child, family or friends look back at one day together.You can start this keepsake the moment you know you're pregnant.It will give you a lifetime of stories.Your child will enjoy sitting on your lap one day while you share these special moments.These stories will be shared for many generations.

You can spend as long as you would like creating your storybook.Add what ever memories you would like.The Day Baby Was Born  will do pretty much all the work for you,we all know what it's like that special day!!With just a little input from you it will be further personalized with photos,journals and guided story telling.This web application captures many facts,news and information from the day your baby was born.

I wish I could go back in time to the day my daughter was born.Seeing photos of all the family and friends who visited at the hospital,knowing who gave which gifts,her first cry,her first breath of air into the world,meeting her the first few seconds.I can go on and on about those memories I can never have again.Of course I can remember them but to watch them all on a digital storybook is just magical!! You just have to check this out!!

With The Day Baby Was Born, you can capture some or all of the following, depending on how much time you want to spend:
  • Facebook Wall comments and well-wishes by friends and family through pregnancy and birth announcements
  • Your pregnancy journal from each week of the journey to the birth day
  • News, facts and information from the day your baby was born
  • Your personal story and letter to baby to preserve forever the feelings from that day
  • It’s is a simple way to create a beautiful record of the world at the moment your baby arrived
 More info and helpful links:
About Tommee Tippee
Tommee Tippee, from the UK based Mayborn Group Limited, is the number-one brand of infant and toddler feeding products in Great Britain one of the top brands of infant products and accessories in the global market. Loved by parents and children alike, Tommee Tippee has received numerous brand accolades in Great Britain, including top ranks in the prestigious Mother and Baby Awards, a head-to-head assessment of competitive products voted on by moms themselves. The Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature line of baby bottles has been chosen as Great Britain’s best baby bottle, winning the Gold award in 2006/7, in 2008/9 and again in 2009/10.

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Friday, August 19, 2011

Free 8x10 Collage Print | Walgreens Photo Center (expires 8/20/11)

Free 8x10 Collage Print | Walgreens Photo Center (expires 8/20/11)


Free 8x10 Collage Print Walgreens Photo Center

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Thursday, August 18, 2011

WARNING! DO NOT ENTER THE NEW American Laser Skincare Contest – Win FREE Hair Removal Treatment!

NEW American Laser Skincare Contest – Win FREE Hair Removal Treatment!

I have been seeing this contest posted on many different blogs posted so I just wanted to put this info.out there.I'm sure the bloggers mean well.My intentions are NOT to scare their readers away.

My only intention with this post is to warn everyone about this contest before anyone enters.You should this link (I myself have never purchased any of their services,the information I post here is from different reviewers who claim they were scammed. I googled the info when searching about this company's contest)

Monday, August 15, 2011

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