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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Tips for Safe Winter Driving

Tips for Safe Winter Driving

SocialMoms and Esurance has teamed up together and requested me to share some very important tips and information with you that will be helpful for winter driving! You may read more about this request here.

As a mother I always want to be cautious when I'm on the road especially when I'm driving with my family and know that others are out on the road as well. I have to be safe and responsible as a driver. I do love the winter and the snow but I'm sure we all know it could be hard dealing with some of the conditions it can bring like when it is snowing or sleeting or raining. It can be very unsafe at times but many of us has to do it to get to where were going. Most of us has to drive to work, take the kids to school, run very important erronds than't can't wait, go grocery shopping or other places we just simply can't avoid at times. These are those times that we really have to be safe. I know it can be scarey for us all but if we know what to do then it should be easier when the time comes.

I would love to share with you today a few of my tips for safe winter driving that I have learned. These tips has been such a help to me and if they have helped me I'd love to pass it on...Please add on to my tips if you would like to. We can never be to safe on the road!!

Ice can be so slippery on car tires, sometimes it can be a small piece of ice that you can't really see get into the way and cause an accident. It's good to drive very,very slow. Drive slow with alot of space between the car in front of you. Avoid slamming on your brakes because they can skid right into another car. Try to gently stop for lights and stop signs ahead of time.

Always drive slowly in the snow, when you slow down you can gently pump your brakes and still have space in between the car ahead of you.
Always have your car prepped ahead of time with newer windshield wipers and tires with treads that are 6/32 inch deep. Have gadgets in your car stored like a bag of sand and a shovel.

Avoid using cruise control in the rain, being that it's incapable of recognizing different weather conditions it can cut down on your response time causing a big accident.

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