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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Lovable Labels BlogHer’ 11 Getaway Contest

Lovable Labels BlogHer’ 11 Getaway Contest  Closed

Mom Position:
  • Long term position for challenging permanent work in an often chaotic environment needed.

Job Description:
  • Be available 24 hours every day for the rest of your life to be tormented and taken advantage of by the little rug rats.
  • Must be willing to clean up poop balls and hand prints off the walls and mirrors.
  • Work hard to please them only to have them yell how they hate you in front of everyone in the grocery store line.
  • Keep a cleaning rag near by at all times to peel off their chewed up gum and bogies from under the sofa and tables.
  • Control your face from turning bright red with beads of sweat pouring down from the anxiety of them throwing a tantrum in the middle of an aisle of the store because they want that expensive toy that will never be played with after 2 hours of the purchase.
  • Be ready at all times to run fast as lightning from playing the chasing game when it's bed time.
  • Be able to sleep with 1 eye open no longer then 2 hours while trying to purchase the best dark circle eye cream on a constant basis.
  • Chaperone 12 more brats every 3 weeks for the school field trips without one disappearing.
  • Multi-task while on the phone with the bill collector and baby on hip,toddler climbing out the highchair head first,still writing down next payment due date and not burning none of the 3 meals on the stove at the same time you have to use the rest room to count to 10 before you miss adding the fabric softener in the washing machine on time.
  • Pull money off your back yard money tree every time you turn around for the rest of your life at the same time paying in monthly for insurance so they can have it to burn after your gone.
      Advancement and promotions:  N/A

  • Over time for free is a must.
  • Sick days are unacceptable by all means
  • No paid holidays ever
  • Lots of headaches,no thank-yous or appreciation offered no matter how hard you work       
     If this is a position you think you can handle then please call 1-800-CRAZY for a interview

I entered a contest for Lovable Labels to win a trip for a friend and myself to San Diego California and participate in the biggest blogging conference in North America! To find out more about this contest please click here