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Monday, January 9, 2012

Goals to Boost My Blogging Productivity

Goals to Boost My Blogging Productivity

I have been blogging now for the past 3years and I'm just not happy with my productivity.I feel like I could be doing so much more with my blog,with so many options out there I can't seem to get it together the way I'd like it to be.One of my biggest problems is my schedule and organization.I'm all over the place bouncing, starting many projects but not finishing them then I skip to the next.I have to get focused and come up with a plan.This is where the blogging class I participate in helps.I'm first going to have to make a list of goals for my blog and then stick to them.If I go in the order of my list of goals and finish things by the due dates I'd be on my way to boost my blogging productivity!

Here are my weekly goals I came up with:

Go over my blog to update it,add or delete any buttons or posts.Basically clean it up
Participate in blog hops
Clean out my email folders and catch up with emails
Do my class homework

Type up at least one blog post
Do 2 things off my to do list that has deadlines
Enter 5-10 giveaways
Visit and comment on 1-3 blogs
Check out my emails
Visit and participate in 1-2 social sites

Attend Blogelina's online class

1x Per Month,usually on the 15th.
Host a giveaway hopefully for a company or myself

With these goals I really do plan to stick with them,I know with having narcolepsy sometimes it will be hard but I'm going to fight to complete my daily goals during school hours.The evenings are for my kids and housework!

Please feel free to post any of your goals - weekly,daily or monthly! However you plan to accomplish them I'd really love to read about it!

Healthy Food Choices Round Up

Healthy Food Choices Round Up

I know many of us set out to eat more healthier for the New Year,but let's face the fact that some of us (including myself) end up on the crash diet wagon! If your like me then you love to drink those sugary drinks that are no good for you.We know it's a big "No-No"but what else is left? I hate to drink plain water,to me it just don't have any taste.However,this past week I had the opportunity to sample Hint Water,I'm so impressed with the taste!!
Hint Water is a fruit-infused,all natural essence water that contains no sugar,calories,artificial sweeteners or preservatives!! Yes,as I mentioned above I love sweet drinks so this is a great alternative for me now!

With so many flavors to choose from my favorite is the Blackberry and Raspberry-Lime,it tastes so good and it kept me very hydrated without giving up the great tasting flavor.You have to try it!!

The flavors are: Pear,Watermelon,Cucumber,Honeydew Hibiscus,Blackberry,Mango-Grapefruit,Lime,

Visit:  for more information
Another great product I tried out was a USANA Nutrition Bar in the Oatmeal Raisin:
I have to say once again I was very impressed! I always loved oatmeal raisin bars but the unhealthy one's found in the cupcake isles! Well this USANA Oatmeal Bar was more tastier,it has a home-baked cookie taste that is so delicious! Can you believe it's low fat,cholesterol free and a good source of fiber?? After I ate it I did feel satisfied.
USANA Nutrition Bars are available in a variety of flavors such as the oatmeal raisin and chocolate fusion and specifically touted as a healthy heart product and offer a low-glycemic score!!
For more info please visit: