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Friday, March 18, 2011

Have You thredUP Lately??

Recycle your kids outgrown clothing with thredUP!!!!!!

Once my kids grow out of their clothing I recycle them,more like swap them.
You should check out thredUP it's a fantastic site where you swap your clothes through the mail (kinda like Netflix).                                              

You will save the drive to the clothing store and you're exchanging items you no longer want with someone who no longer wants theirs, therefore recycling and reusing! you can set preferences for use, size, brand and season of the clothing you want.It'a FREE to join.

The best part about this site is thredUP decided to partner with various retailers (a new one each month) to provide the thredUP community with special boxes of brand new items from different retailers that you can choose from.                                       

Last week I recieved my box with like 5 Ralph Luaren shirts for my toddler,Gap jeans,and many other brands.Check it out to see if you like it.
each box contains about 15 items!!!!  -- it's sent directly to your home

Browse boxes of kids clothes and toys from our mom community across the USA

At thredUP we are committed to helping you exchange fantastic pre-loved clothes and toys. Real world clothing swaps are time consuming and hard to organize. We’ve created one for you that’s always available and always being updated with new listings from parents just like you.

•Navigate our listings similar to surfing eBay, iTunes or Amazon. Sort by gender, size, brand, season or type of item                

•Find baby, toddler, or pre-teen clothing, and toys for all ages

•Pay $5 + shipping ($10.95) and it's yours

•Get your box sent directly to your doorstep by the parent who listed it

•Add listers to your Favorite Senders list and filter search results to view only boxes that your favorite senders have listed

•View community ratings to ensure high quality items and picking boxes with confidence

 $5 + $10.95 Shipping –

one price for one great box

All you'll ever pay for basic swapping is $5 + ($10.95) shipping per box of kids clothes. At more than ten items per box, that's like $1.50 per item. No hidden charges. No recurring fees. You can decide at anytime to stop swapping clothes.

When you select a box, simply pay $5 + shipping and it's yours. If you want, you can add money to your account for several boxes at once and then pick them at your leisure

click here to check it out!!