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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Ideas for incorporating fun and play into your child’s daily activities

                    10  Ideas for incorporating fun and play into your child's daily activities

I have 4 children and they all have their own ways of handling our daily activities,to make our days go as smooth as possible and at the same time incorporate fun and play we do different things!!

  1. On school mornings if your child is like my 3yr old then its a task to wake them up and get going so that we can get out the door in time for school.I have learned to turn our school mornings into fun and play by first waking him up by tickling him and kissing him with smiles on my face.I find it brightens his mood and he will get out of bed with less fuss.
  2. For breakfast the kids usually dont like to eat right away after waking up so i make it fun by allowing them to pick from a jar of papers rolled up with each one that has a different "to-go" snack type nutritious food.Today my son choose his paper with a Oatmeal breakfast snack bar for his choice and graved a box juice on his way out of the door!We make it on good time to school!
  3. After school we have to get the school uniforms changed into the play clothes so our rule is to change if the kids would like their after school snack!
  4. Homework hour use to be the hardest part of the day but now we make it really fun by studying together.If they have a spelling test we kind of play a game by writing out all the words 100 x's each word.Each word they write 100x's and spell it for me i will have to make a funny face or do a goofy dance to make them laugh at me.
  5. Dinner time,we make an assembly line.One of us will do the food prep and one will be the cook while the other will set the dinner table.Usually we will play the radio and when ever a song will end we switch our "stations" and do a different task.Its alot of fun and we get done fast.
  6. In the evenings i allow 1hr of computer time per child,while the others and i sit at the table making crafts with the craft bag.We make stuffed pillows that the kids will sleep with at night,or we will make a new pattern to add on the night lamp to look cool while they sleep,or we make glow in the dark wall decalls for their walls when the lights go out.It keeps them excited about bed time.
  7. We have bath time and we have a 5min rule for each bath,when they take a bath who ever's turn it is to get their bath first gets to choose a bath crayon to write on the tub walls.They get an extra 5mins bath time to play.
  8. After bath time we pick out our clothes for the next day and we all think of a color for the following day to make our socks the same as each others.Usually who ever took their bath last get to choose the lucky color!
  9. At the end of the day depending on the kids behaviors they will get a star sticker,for every sticker they add up every sunday they will earn $1,,with their $1 they take .50 for savings in their accts and the other .50 they can use for their own choices.
  10. Bed time is the hardest but we get through by what we call a "fun book",we each take turns reading each paragraph intill the book is read.Then we say our prayers and call it a night!   

Maybe you have ideas that you would like to offer,please feel free to leave in a comment.Not everyday do these ideas always work for my 4,but its a way to keep my sanity most of the time! lol,,

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