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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Get Healthy/Weight loss Program

I really have to share with you my journey on the Get Healthy/Weight loss Program!! I have a terrific health coach who helps me FREE!!! If you need to get healthy and loose weight i can connect you with my awesome health coach John.He enjoys helping people to get healthy and loose weight.

This program has been so helpful,the pysical changes are out of this world!Just about a month ago i was out of breath just by walking up the stairs,i couldnt keep up with my 3yr old son and my energy was shot!Check out and listen to the Dr. explain how the program works.Read some of the success stories to see for yourself!!

If you would like to, feel free to contact my health coach John Willingham.He would be more then happy to welcome you into the family!!Tell him Shannon sent you and let him help you to change your life.You can also contact him on facebook.If you would like to give me your info i can have him contact you! Good luck