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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Narcolepsy Is Killing Me Softly

Every since I was a child all I ever wanted to do was sleep.I was called "dopey" from Snow White because I was always tired.Everyone just passed my sleepiness of for being "lazy".As I got older I had meds shoved down my throat for depression,I knew something had to be wrong because I still slept.Medicine only made things worse.When I turned 26yrs.old I started researching my symptoms on the Internet.I knew I had some kind of sleeping disorder.I talked with my Dr.about what I learned on the Internet.I had all the symptoms of Narcolepsy.Finally my Dr. agreed to have a sleep study set up for me.What a relief to know I wasn't going crazy.I had Narcolepsy and the test proved it.Till this day alot of people and family don't understand why I want to sleep all of the time.They just assume I'm lazy.I have to take pills throughout the day just to stay awake,just to some what function.After being on medicine for the past 7yrs. my body is just immune to the med's.All I want to do is sleep.It's so hard because I feel like I haven't slept in 4days right after I wake up in the mornings from sleeping 8hrs.,I have 4 kids that need me and It's like I can't even function to be a Mother.Narcolepsy has caused me to gain a ton of weight,It has caused me depression,I stay in my house like a prisoner.It takes so much just to shower,to comb my hair,to brush my teeth and even make dinner or do wash.I feel like a failure as a Mother.I'm not looking for sympathy in anyway,I don't want anyone to feel pity for me or think I'm looking for attention.I just needed to vent and get this off my chest.
Do any of you know anyone who can relate?I'd love to hear from others who suffer from Narcolepsy.As of now there's no cures.I'm praying that one day one might come up.It increases as years go by.I think 2 of my 4 kids has it as well.I know other people may have more harder medical issues then me,I try to remember that every time I feel down and out.It's just so hard to live like a turtle.I thought I'd just tell you a little about myself.

Please feel free to comment or if anyone you know has Narcolepsy maybe they can message me or something.I'd love to hear your thoughts. Thanks