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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

My Passion for Gift Cards

My Passion for Gift Cards

SocialMoms and Gift Cards Rock has teamed up together and asked for me to tell my readers about my passion for gift cards you can read more about this request here.

I love gift cards! To me their like a lifesaver when I have those last minute shopping lists or don't know what would be the perfect gift to choose for a friend or family member.I would love to share some tips with you about giving gift cards and some of the perks!One of the reasons I personally love receiving gift cards is because I'm a very picky person.I'm hard to shop for and I know others may not know my style or size.I feel the same when I'm the giver.Gift cards are so easier,some of them offer special perks.You can find some grocery stores that offer fuel discounts just for purchasing gift cards from them,you can get rewards to shop with on your next shopping trip.You can also purchase gift cards online and have them shipped free to the person who your gifting it to.They come usually in very cute envelopes with a section to leave a personal note.To keep up with the balance all gift cards has a 1-800 number on the back for an automated service and customer service can help with any questions.

I love when I'm in a store and they have a section with multiple gift cards to purchase for many different stores! It saves so much time purchasing gift cards then to take a chance on buying the wrong gift.It saves gas and you don't have to worry about returns! You can also usually use them when you want to,I like to save them for when I find sales and I can use them online.

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