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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

My Favorite Road Trip!!!

TwitterMoms  and  Discount Tire has teamed up together and asked me to share my special memories from a special road trip!!You can read all about the request here~


With being a Mother im sure you all know what it means to have children in elementry school.It's always alot to do as far as participating with all the field trips and activities that require parents to be involved in!!!!

Last year my neice had a fieldtrip to the zoo.Her mother(my sister)signed me up to be a chaperone along with her.I was excited because i love animals and i haven't been to the zoo in years.

We had to wake up at 6am to start the 3hr drive.Some of the kids choose to ride on the school bus and 6 of us choose to drive in my sisters van.We followed behind the school bus,to be safe the bus driver drove like 10 miles under the speed limit so the trip took alot longer on the road.


We had 4 kids with us in our van,we sang alot of songs and played the "I spy" game!! We didn't really get tired with all the fun games and toy's that we took along in the van.We had music,a portable dvd player and the laptop.We took turns taking pictures with the camera and shared hard candy.
We were able to talk to the bus driver with the cell phone,i couldn't believe it when she said many of the kids fell to sleep on the bus.There was so many neat things to see on the way and they were missing it all!
Our van load was so ready to get to the zoo.We were taking so many pictures of the farms and fields as we passed them and many pretty ponds.We saw a few deer along the way and was so amazed at how peaceful they looked.  

As my sister was driving she couldn't help but look out the window at the deer with us.We were so focused on the deer in the grass that no-one noticed the deer that took off accross the road right in between the bus and our van.My sister had to slam on her brakes,it happened so fast.Everyone was safe and in their seat belts.No-one was hurt and the deer disappeared in less then 2 seconds.
Before we knew it we were so close to the entrance.We were finally at the zoo.

It was such a fun trip!!! I look forward to going every year now!!

Are you planning a road trip?Please feel free to share your experience!
I hope that my tips for your road trip will help you as we learned them along the way!!!

  • Always have your tires and brakes checked before your road trip just incase a deer might run in front of your car.Have everyone in a seatbelt as well.
  • Make sure if your the driver you have your eyes on the road every second of your trip,you never know what could happen in the matter of seconds.
  • Take along games and things that will keep the kids buisy.Sing different songs and use your imagination just like as you were a kid again!
  • Always plan your trip with a little extra time window incase there's a need to stop at restrooms or to get a snack.
I hope these tips help you out and prevents someone from having a bad roadtrip!!!!!!!!!! Have fun with your trip but also be safe...

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