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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

10 Tips For Getting Away With Great Family Travel Deals

Social Moms and  Alamo have teamed up to introduce another fun blogging program in honor of the Alamo Insiders program and  requested me to share 10 tips for getting away with great family travel deals!
You can find out more about this request here!

Going on vacations every year can add up to so much money,I know we all love to save as much money as possible when ever we can!! Prices can be so high these days.Who has the money to just waste when many deals are out there just waiting to be found???I hope I can help out with your future vacations by offering you 10 tips that will find you the most great family deals!!

  1. Plan in advance - If you reserve your tickets for a plane or a train many months in advance the rates would be so much lower.Pay during off season,make sure you know the polices for refunds in case you cancel or need a different schedule,know about the rules in case you loose your ticket,ect.Alot of times you can find family specials with discounts when you have a certain amount of people booking for the event.The more people,the more of a discount.
  2. Save all year around- Keep a special savings account that is only for your vacation.Have a set amount from each pay check that is put into this account,no matter what don't dip into this account.Have a few money jars sitting around the house for when you and the family has loose change to drop into it.Make it fun for the kids as well,once the jars fill up allow them to help put the coins into wrappers to cash in, when they count it all they will be amazed at the amount and feel proud for contributing. Maybe they can have a few dollars to spend on the vacation to buy a souvenir for helping to save.
  3. Online-The internet can go along way when researching for almost anything.You can map quest directions from point A to point B.The best part about the Internet for me is to "google" everything! Find out the different gas prices in different cities or states.You can book your hotel online,pay your transportation fees online,search for coupons.Never,,ever pay for anything intill you know you searched online for a coupon or a deal.
  4. Travel Agency-Check out the different travel agency's for package deals.They can assist you in hotel reservations or restuarant reservations.Travel Agencys will do alot of the footwork for you such as providing you with maps,taxi's,travel schedules,vacation homes,ect.They can offer a package deal with the price of a theme park included or what ever the event includes.
  5. AAA- As a member of AAA,you have so many benefits.If you lock your keys in the trunk they will come to the site to open your car door,they offer towing in case your car breaks down,they offer assistance incase your car runs out of gas,they even assist with different travel agencys.The list goes on and on.
  6. Airport/Train Schedules-Know your schedules,keep a time chart.It never hurts to be early.Know the station hours,the luggage rules,prices,ect. Always remember where you park your car.It helps me so much to keep paper and pen to track everything.With so much going on it's so easy to forget.Make sure you know where tolls are due,keep change for the tolls.
  7. Car Rental-  If you plan to rent a car make sure everything is set up in advance,look for coupons for deals,know the mileage and rates.Before renting and before returning the rental check for any scratches,dents,anything that wasn't there when you purchased the rental.Know how much the deposit is for the rental.Know all the coverage.
  8. Don't carry cash- Just incase your money is stolen or lost always try to carry credit cards or travelers checks.Always try to avoid having cash.
  9. Before Packing make a list- You always want to check the weather forecast before you pack.Different areas has different weather.Pack for rainy days,snow days,hot days,what ever the weather calls for.Don't forget umbrellas.Make a check list and check it off as you pack.Add your toiletries,your personal products,you may need laundry detergent,ect. ALWAYS have an emergency kit on hand.You never know if and when a band aid is needed or ointment,you may need bug spray in case of mosquitoes,flys,ect.Check the hotels policys for bed bugs,know when they last had inspections for bed bugs.
  10. Inspection of your vehicle- Before a road trip always make sure your vehicle is inspected for oil changes,brakes are good,tires are good and rotated, don't want to have a break down because of some minor repairs weren't fixed.Keep a spare tire and tools you will need in case of a flat tire.Make sure your gas is filled and no engine lights are on.All lights should be working such as the brake light,turn signals,mirrors.Having a GPS is a good investment to know where your at and going.

Please feel free to comment below with some tips that will help with great family deals!

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