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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Day 2~ Holiday Entertaining Tips Open House

For the next 9 days i will be posting some Holiday Entertaining Tips to hopefully help my readers prepare for their holiday planning!

We all know that Christmas is almost here and that means we have many different foods to buy to prepare for our Christmas dinner, inless your eating at a family or friends house,Maybe your taking along a dish to share or making those famous home-made cookies of yours,what ever your plans are if they involve the grocery store i would like to share some tips to help with your purchases!
Using Coupons
Using coupons can make your budget much more easier if you have the time to prepare to use them,for me i take an hour a week to prepare my pile of coupons that i plan on using for my shopping.Knowing where to find coupons is very important if you plan to really save money.Some coupon lovers will purchase more then 1 sunday newspaper for the flyers filled with coupons.Usually you can find 3 main flyers such as The Red Plum,The Source and P&G.They have alot of useful coupons that will cut alot of expenses down.Maybe some friends or family members will have some coupons they wont use and will be willing to give to you.You can ask your neighborhood store for the extra newspapers that they have left over from their Sunday sales.Alot of neighbors may have a recycle bin with their leftover newspapers inside,its not a bad idea to ask if you can dive in when their filled and ready to trash.Some stores will have their own store flyers as you walk in to the store filled with their own coupons.

With using coupons its very important to use them during a sale or promotion thats going on for the extra savings.Along with a manufactors coupon you can stack it with a store coupon to double your savings.Always read your sale flyers that are included with your sunday newspaper so you know about different weekly sales.

Alot of online blogs will also post about the different sales going on and show you ways to purchase your items free or close to free.Rock bottom prices are the key to your savings.Many blogs offer info on printable coupons to use during your shopping trip.

I hope these tips will be helpful to you and please feel free to comment on some of your tips!!
Thanks,Shannon F.