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Monday, July 19, 2010

The Start of My Lifestyle Change~~~ Day3

I was messing around on my computer wondering what someone else would be shaped like if they were the same height and weight as me,and i found a blogger(intill she gives me permission to reveal her name i will write "her") who wrote about their weight.When i saw the 1st post about her journey to loose weight and started at like 290.8lbs. and 5.2 feet i knew i had a match!!Once i read her first post i realized not only do i have a match i have someone who is just starting their journey as well at the same height and weight of me.So i read some more of her posts and im so happy happy she has  been posting her journey since her day1 start of 2009.It motivates me to see that she can put her numbers and eating plans out there for the world to see,i been thinking about doing the same but havent had the courage.But now those posts made it easier for me.A little about me:as of 7/9/2010 i weighed 288.8lbs and only 5.1 feet tall,,im on day 3 of my journey as well,so i havent weighed in yet because id rather do it weekly.Im 33yrs old (female)with 4 kids.I cant blame my weight on pregnancy because i was 60lbs lighter than i am now after my 4th child.I been pretty much letting food control me and take away myself esteem.It keeps me from going on outings with my family because im the biggest only fat family member,i cant fit any clothes or ever find any to fit and when i do manage to come accross a nice fitting pair of jeans they become more and more smaller after a few weeks.So to make a long story short,,im fed up with my weight and i cant allow it to control me any longer.All the off and on diets and diet pills i been on does nothing but add more weight.I woke up a few days ago and its like i saw the light,,this time around i do want to change,i do have to do a whole life style change,not just a diet but a change of everything that has to do with a life style change.This time im wanting this change from the inside out.Im sick of loosing my breath just by walking slow up the steps,sweating every minuite of the day.I just cant go on this way so as of July17,2010 i have made a huge change.Im on day3 and its hard,i track my calories and i try to stay under 1,440.Day1 i went over 924.And i felt like i was starving.I didnt let it get me down i just tried harder yesterday on day2,i was 3 calories under!! I wanted some off what others were eating and drinking but i remembered how sick and tired i am of being fat.Day3 is today and so far im doing great and staying on the meal plan i have made.I get hungry and i just learned to gulp some water down during the fake feelings of being hungry.I learned that sometimes when we are hungry its really that were thirsty.I also been consuming water and limit myself to 1 diet coke a day.I know i have to take this one day at a time as i know at anytime i can get weak.
You might wonder what is so different this time around that i want to loose weight,well this time i can feel it inside and know that i have no choice to keep going on like this.

I hope someone,anyone who reads this and they are overweight will be inspired to go on the journey with me.Please let me know and id love to hear your comments.Thanks,Shannon