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Monday, May 23, 2011

Five Summer Getaways Every Kid Should Experience

Five Summer Getaways Every Kid Should Experience

It's the time of the year when school will be out and the kids are ready to enjoy their summer!As a Mother of 4 I feel it's VERY important for my kids to spend their summer being involved with alot of positive curricular activities to keep them focused on a positive level.I'm a strong believer in my kids being able to have fun but at the same time making fun into learning experiences.Below I will list what I feel are 5 summer getaways every kid should experience.Please feel free to add any getaways that you feel every kid should experience as well for the summer by commenting below.

  1. Family visits are very important,If your family are in another state where you don't travel to see them through the year,I think it's very important to take the kids to visit so they know that part of them.Especially Grandparents houses should be on the list to visit.Kids will cherish those memories of the summer days of fun spending time with their family,getting to know them and hearing stories about their family history,where generations were raised,etc.I feel it's such a learning experience for kids to know their roots.
  2. Museums are another important summer getaway every kid should know about.Learning about our history of ancient artifacts such a dinosaurs and their bones,fossils,cave men,ice age.So much could be learned.A museum has many exhibits available for kids.They will love the walk through especially with all the exhibits they can touch and smell.It's a beautiful learning experience for them.
  3. Summer Camp is very good for kids for summer getaways,they will have the time of their lives.Most summer camps are a week long with daily schedules so full of learning experiences for kids.They go canoeing with each other,play different games,they build great friendships during the experience that can last for a life time.Camp is just so fun and hiking is always a must! It's so positive  because a lot of camps offer workshops to refresh or teach the kids about CPR,swimming lessons,how to put up tents and fire safety.The list could go on.It's just such a good program.
  4. Disney Land is a MUST for every kid to experience at least once in their lifetime.I know it's expensive and it could take a while to save for but if you can do it then I would suggest to give them that experience.They will never forget it.Kids has such big imaginations,their eyes will light up just to see all the Disney characters and events that are included with Disney Land.It would be awesome if they had a chance to give Mickey Mouse a great big hug!
  5. The Zoo is a wonderful place for our kids to getaway to.They get to see the animals close up.Alot of animals they can pet.Alot of zoo's has staff that will give a complete tour of the zoo and talk to the kids about the animals.They learn what they eat,how they live and things the animals like or dislike.They offer alot of information that alot of kids will listen about and learn.Taking pictures to share when they go back to school would be such fun.
I just love for kids to get to experience fun along with education over the summer.They grow so fast! They are such a blessing.I hope my ideas help.It never hurts to get the kids up and active.I'm sure you all agree.

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