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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Get Your Full Size Julep Beauty Products for Only .1penny!!

Get Your Full Size Julep Beauty Products for Only .1penny!!

I love different beauty products but as a frugal shopper I don't like to pay alot of money for my products!! I'm always looking for free or good deals for everything I purchase!!

I couldn't believe it when I was offered all of the above FULL SIZE Julep Products for only .1 penny!! I ordered my box 3 days ago and today I received 4 Julep Products: Nail Filer, 3oz Tube of Facial for Hands Glycolic Hand Scrub, 2 Vernis Nail Polishes in colors Portia and Penelope!!! I love the Portia color because it has a glittey light blue color to it. The Hand Scrub I just used it once since I only received my box today and It has my hands feeling so soft after 1 use. Almost silky but without that oily feeling. I can't wait to use the other penelope nail color, it's almost like a light pink color kind of like a soft baby pink.

Would you like all of these items for only .1 Penny?? If so keep reading!!

All you have to do to request your .1 penny box is go here, (use code PENNY)you can choose your own style box of items. Julep ships your box to you the same day. You do have to enter your credit card info to be charged .1 penny. Once you receive your box you can cancel any future shipments if you don't want anymore to come. If you do keep your membership you will receive a box each month with over $60 worth of items. When I signed up for my 1st box, I did have every intention to cancel but now I changed my mind because the items are so worth it. I love that I joined Julep!!

To get your free beauty box of Julep beauty items go here , use the code PENNY when you check out!