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Friday, November 12, 2010

10 Holiday Survival Tips


10 Holiday Survival Tips

Christmas is right around the corner,are you ready???
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For me the holidays are the most buisy times in the year with so many demands to meet with so little time.I have to admit that i use to be the most procrastinating person on this planet!! I finally learned and excepted the fact that its alot better and easier to be ontime with everything.Thanks to my favorite aunt giving me all the tips i'd like to share with you all,i have mastered the holiday madness!!

  1. Plan ahead- Dont wait intill the last minuite to complete all your shopping,know who your shopping for by making a list ahead of time.
  2. Always shop at the end of each season for the following year- near the end of each season the stores want to stock up on the next seasons items as soon as possible so they place alot of sales to get the new items out on the floor.Clearence racks will be everywhere so take advantage!!
  3. Couponing- To maximise your savings,plan 1-2 hrs each week to clip and cut coupons.Using coupons on clearence items will make a huge savings in your pocket.Know your store policies!
  4. Black Friday-- If possible leave the kids with a babysitter that you trust on the day you go shopping,we all know how hard and irritating it can be when the kids are winning,hungry,tired and just not listening.If you have to take the kids make sure they eat and nap before your shopping trip and take toys and snacks along.You will thank me!!
  5. Get creative- Check out the deals at Tiny Prints Christmas Cards you can create them to be a special meaning for everyone,just make sure you order and send them out in time for Christmas,who wants a late Christmas card! lol
  6. Make it all about loving and caring- Christmas isnt just about giving.Its a time for love,happiness and joy.If you cant afford to gift,especially during a time like this dont feel bad,enjoy the family and love one another.Share stories and laugh together.
  7. Do NOT wait intill the night before to wrap presents- I hate wrapping presents,i enjoy unwrapping but wrapping is just so iratating to me because i just cant seem to wrap the gift without a part of the gift sticking out in the corners,im horrible with wrapping.Wrap a few weeks ahead of time so you can wrap 2-3 at a time.
  8. Gift Swaps- My family is so large that it would cost and arm and a leg to shop for everyone,atleast 4 months before Christmas we have a name of a swap buddy to shop for.It saves alot of money and time.
  9. Layaways- Plan a layaway early in the year,as items go on clearence most stores automatically reduce your layaway items down the same.Check with your store to make sure.
  10. Choose a job for everyone- At the end of our family get togethers its a big mess!! We all assign a clean up job for each person and it saves so much time.
I hope these tips will help prepare you and your loved ones to have a great time together!

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