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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

10 Tips for stylish layering techniques for all occasions

TwitterMoms and Cuddl Duds have teamed up together and asked me to share with my readers some tips to use for stylish layering for all occasions!For more information about this request you can click here.

Im sure we all have our own different likes and dislikes about the different seasons of the year.I personally don't do well in the heat,it makes me cranky but i have no choice but to be in it at times due to where i live.As far as the winter,i try to advoid the cold especially when it snows!! When i have to go out into the heat or the cold i make sure im not only dressed to impress but im dressed to be very comfortable!!Spring time is my favorite time of the year because it's not to hot and it's not to cold!

I hope the tips that i share will be helpful to you and please feel free to leave some of yours!!!!!!
  1. Tank tops- These are my #1 favorite to wear any season of the year.Anyone can wear them and be comfortable.Men,woman and kids can wear them in the summer under any shirt to protect from sweating.They go great under t-shirts,sleeveless shirts,v-necks,ect. they are so thin and blend in so well.For woman they are great with covering up the lace trim of our bra's and straps.
  2. Vests- My son loves wearing vests!! He wears them in the warm and cold weather with the sleeves attached or he will unzip them and go sleeveless.They are so comfortable and their so easy to slip on and off.
  3. Turtkenecks-A turtleneck is so good to wear and they come in all different colors and styles.You can wear the turtlenecks that are sweaters,t-shirt turtlenecks that are lower down on your neck in case you don't like the feeling of having clothes on your neck.My daughter wears alot of her dresses in the winter that are turtlenecks.They keep the cold air from your chest as well.
  4. Long Sleeve shirts- Long sleeve can go under any type of shortsleeve or longsleeve shirt.It gives you that extra protection from the cold air.They are helpful for those who has to wear uniforms that are thin to stay warmer.It's best to wear them as a solid color.
  5. Wool- Wool sweaters are good to wear,if your skin is sensitive you can always wear a tang top under it or any t-shirt.I usually wear a long sleeve shirt under it with the color stciking out for the fashion look!If i get to warm it's easy to just take it off.
  6. Tights- For any weather tights go good under skirts,the skirt can be jean material if you would like,its all up to you.Tights also go well under those jeans everyone wears for style,they have the holes under the backside and knees.You can wear them under dresses as well.
  7. Solid Colors- Many different colors go well with the solid black or white colors.When you wear a solid white or black longsleeve under a bright color shirt it goes well.It's easy to find clothes that will go along with what ever color you choose.
  8. Double socks- In the cold weather i get cold feet inless i double up my socks to keep them warm.I double them up as well to help fit into my sneakers so they are tighter.Sometimes i buy my sneakers a bigger size so they last.Or my socks might be to long i will tuck them under my toes.
  9. Stomach Girdle- For those of us who has to tuck in our belly this is the perfect solution.You can purchase them with the bra attached.I like to wear them under skinny jeans and i always wear them in black to blend in with my outfit.The good thing about wearing a girdle is if your wearing one of those shirts that tie around the back of your neck it supports you with the built in bra.Any clothes that you need a strapless bra with will work with the stomach girdle.
  10. Bras- For those of us who love our lace bra's without the patteren showing through your clothes it's good when you wear layers of clothing.Or if you have workout clothes on you would wear a sports bra.With all the above clothes any bra would work out and still hold up good with the different layers.Again,you might want to keep the colors to black and white according to your shirt color.

Please feel free to add to this list!!

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