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Thursday, May 19, 2011

What Makes Me A Proud Mother

                          What Makes Me A Proud Mother.........

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What makes me a proud Mother is the unconditional love that my kids has for me,In my heart I know I'm not the perfect Mother,I make and have made mistakes as a Mother but they still love me.When my patience is short my kids find a way to make me smile when I scream at them.When I can't afford the latest pair of Nike sneakers for my kid's they understand and settle for what I can afford without complaining.When my kid's has only 2 gifts for their birthday with no party they still love me and understand about the thought is what counts.On my hard day's when I can't stay awake due to my Narcolepsy they hug me and cover me up with a blanket so I can sleep and assure me that everything will be ok.I'm no way near perfect but my kid's love me as I am.These are some of the many ways that make me a proud Mother.My kid's are my world and I am theirs.
I love you Shatala,Devantey,Eternity and Stylez!

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Feel free to comment below about why your a proud Mother!