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Monday, May 3, 2010

Home Office Organization Series Finale~~~~

I used to be a major slob! I collected paperwork, piled it into big piles on my desk, in my drawers and if space ran out even on the floor. Usually I knew how to find what I needed pretty easily and fast, but at times it was a real ordeal to find that specific piece of paper. My family still knows me this way, and to be frank sometimes I still work in this fashion…old habits are hard to beat.

However, I have turned around completely. It started when I read Kelli's blog 3 Boys and a Dog  Home Office Organization Series  I quickly started to Gather my stuff on my desk and put it all in a box. Oh boy, the pile of stuff I compiled into that box…it squeaked under the immense pressure of tasks unfinished. And me too by the way.

The pile of stuff was overwhelming…but the room was tidy! And I liked that. Fast forward in time, and I have adopted many of the habits of Kelli's series. I’m no star in keeping with this system, but the habit of keeping a clean and clutter free desk I cherish.So far I've kept  my desk clean and my work organized.Thanks to Kelli!!!