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Thursday, October 28, 2010

10 Great uses for Vaseline Petroleum Jelly

TwittterMoms  and Vaseline Petroleum Jelly has teamed up to celebrate Vaseline's 140th Anniversary!They have asked me to share 10 Great uses for Vaseline Petroleum Jelly to my readers,you can read more about that request here.

If your anything like me then you love to save every penny you can these days.Im always hunting for bargains and brainstorming many different ways a product could be used.I purchase my Vaseline Petroleum Jelly very cheap at the Dollar Store and it lasts a good 6mths.I have found so many uses for it that i save more money becuase it helps cut down the cost of other products that gives the same if not better results! I have come up with a list to give you ideas of the many ways Vaseline can be used.You might be suprised as i was when i learned them as well.

My 10 Great Uses for Vaseline Petroleum Jelly
  1. Lip balm,exfoliant and lip gloss- By gently rubbing the Vaseline onto the tip of your forefinger and applying it to your lips it will moisturize and help soothe dry chapped lips.It lasts a while unlike many chapsticks.
  2. Make up remover- Do you ever get those stubborn mascara smudges and lip stick stains?Apply a drop of Vaseline to the area you wish to remove and it wipes right off like magic as well as soothing the eye area.
  3. Prevents Chafting- I love to walk barefeet alot and in return the heels of my feet chaft,i was spending near $10 for cream to fix this problem intill i tried the Vaseline.It helps the elbow area and feet.
  4. Protects Nails- By applying some Vaseline on the base of your nails it stops the color from running.Ladies we all know how that makes us upset!
  5. Water Rings on Wood Furniture- Rub Vaseline on the damaged area and let it stand for a few hours or over night,remove it with a paper towel then buff it with a soft cloth.
  6. Shine shoes and purses-Apply a thin coat and wipe with a soft cloth,it will rebel water and road salt.
  7. Stop squeaky doors- By applying a layer of vaseline on the hinge pin it will take the noise away.You will be more at peace when the door opens or shuts!
  8. Tight finger rings- If you wear a ring for so long and want to remove it without the tightness and painful feeling,apply some Vaseline gently around the ring and remove the ring slowly by twisting it a few times it should slip on off easily.
  9. Stuck super glue cap-I hate when i would use super glue for the 2nd time and try to open the cap just to find it all glued and stuck.When you first open the super glue apply some Vaseline inside of the cap and it will prevent the glue from sticking to it.
  10. Baby's diper rash- Vaseline is so gentle and soothing to use for a diper rash.Apply a small layer on the dry area and it will help with the irritating feeling a baby has to feel.

I hope these tips can be helpful to you,if you would like to please feel free to share some!

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