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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Review + Giveaway ~ Family Organizer + Planner – Ends 12/15/10 « Sweep Tight#comment-11268

Review + Giveaway ~ Family Organizer + Planner – Ends 12/15/10 « Sweep Tight#comment-11268

My 10 Tips for making this the Ultimate Holiday Season

TwitterMoms and Hasbro have teamed up and asked me to share with you My 10 Tips for making this the Ultimate Holiday Season!! You can read more about this request here!

   During the holidays things can be so hectic.It seems like It's a never ending task making sure to be prepared.I have to always make sure everyone receive their gifts,especially the kids, preparing to shop at many different stores with many different deals.I have to make a grocery list to make sure all the food we need is ready for when it's cooking time.Deciding if we go to our families house for dinner or cook at home,Planning what declarations will be needed in the house and all.I'm sure we all struggle with the busy stores and all the things that need to be done in time!! I'm really sure we all want to make this the Ultimate Holiday Season!!!

I hope you can use some of my tips,If you have any you would love to share please do,I could always use more tips!Please comment below.

  1. Make a list for EVERYTHING,find out what everyone on your shopping list would love to have and what would make them smile.
  2. Keep within your budget,shop at discount stores and use coupons.Watch the newspapers for flyer inserts with all the sales coming up.Scope out the stores sales papers to see the sales as well.
  3. Plan a time of the day when the store of your choice is not so busy to shop.I like shopping early in the morning or late night when most people are at work or sleeping.
  4. If you plan on having a party go to a craft discount shop and create nice,fun invitations.Make sure you decorate them with a little ribbon and buttons,stickers,what ever your creative mind can come up with.Purchase $1 baskets and add beauty to them.Glue on bows,name labels ect.
  5. Make special cup cakes that are unique for each family member.Example,If your 3yr old loves Toy Story 3 you can purchase on Ebay decorations for the cupcake toppers.Or use everyone's favorite colors as the icing.Use matching stockings for stocking stuffers.
  6. If you plan on going out on a night of town with your honey for New Years set up a babysitter a few weeks ahead of time.Purchase your honey's favorite champagne and give him a late night message.
  7. Take pictures,never forget your camera.Pictures are one of the best memories to have to look at.They show memories that you will love to look back at.
  8. Give & Share-Plan a holiday morning for your family and you to all get together to volunteer at your local shelter or mission serving food.You will all feel so good after you see all the smiles on the faces who are in need.
  9. Adopt a Family- Many families can't afford to give their children toys or any gifts for the holidays,if you are able to donate a toy or a piece of clothing you will be helping someone in need.Family games are really good to give,they are so much fun for the whole family.
  10. Breathe-Don't overwhelm yourself.Do as much as you can do and be proud.Don't feel like you have to save the day for everyone.Your only 1 person.
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I hope these tips will help.
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