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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

How Are You Protecting Your Family's Nest?

How Are You Protecting Your Family's Nest?

SocialMoms and ALLstate  has teamed up together to help share ideas and suggestions about protecting a families nest and requested for me to share as well.You can read more about this request here.

Did you know:
that half of Americans say they are under-insured? That’s 58 million* of us. And 70%* of people with kids under 18 say they would be in serious trouble if something happened to the primary breadwinner.

I know this is something many of us don't want to think about but at some point and time it has to be done.Protecting a family nest is so important,we never know what could happen to any of us.Would your loved one's be taken care of financially if something were to happen to you? Would they be stuck with the expenses of funeral costs? Who would see to it that their personal needs are meant?

I know first hand what it's like to not be prepared with insurance,2 yrs.ago my nephew passed away and my sister is a single parent so money was all ready tight.He needed a burial lot,a stone and many other expenses that go along with a tragedy like this.Nothing was set up and my sister had to come up with these expenses before any services were done.My family and I pulled together and we made it work but it was hard.I never would want to go through that again and I'm sure no one else would.

Below I would like to share some ideas and suggestions to help protect a family nest,I hope these will help:

Plan ahead for the future,don't put it off for another day.You never know what could happen.
Look into a 401 K plan from your job or collage fund,start a savings account to save any money you can.
Educate yourself,do research of all the available options that are out there that can make things easier.
Set up a plan with your loved one's in case of a emergency,make sure everyone is on the same page.

Please feel free to comment below with some more ideas to protect a family nest!!!

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c allen said...

great post and thanks for sharing your story with us. i love your new blog look!

Shannon's Tales of Motherhood said...

C allen,
Thanks for stopping by my blog!! Some how my blog button was deleted,I'm not to sure how but I was playing around trying to fix a few things!! Anyways,credit would go to Danielle from The Mommy Chronicles!She really did a good job!