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Thursday, August 18, 2011

WARNING! DO NOT ENTER THE NEW American Laser Skincare Contest – Win FREE Hair Removal Treatment!

NEW American Laser Skincare Contest – Win FREE Hair Removal Treatment!

I have been seeing this contest posted on many different blogs posted so I just wanted to put this info.out there.I'm sure the bloggers mean well.My intentions are NOT to scare their readers away.

My only intention with this post is to warn everyone about this contest before anyone enters.You should this link (I myself have never purchased any of their services,the information I post here is from different reviewers who claim they were scammed. I googled the info when searching about this company's contest)

There was a news story about American Laser Skincare company saying it is a scam.(I apologize I don't know the link)Just about everyone who enters this contest will win a $300 coupon,they will call you over and over to lur you in for a free consultation.The $300 is just a discount from their high prices that seem to be no less then $800.Their current promotion going on with the buy 1 get another 50% off is part of the scam.They get people to come in for their "free confirmation"and throw all kinds of offers to you,no-one will have a treatment less then the $300 coupon so you pay out of pocket anyways.They will say refunds are allowed but many complaints about them changing up their policies claim no refund after you sign.Once they get so many in for a free consultation and recieve their payments with your credit cards the center will relocate.You will recieve a run around when you call a million times and your calls are passed to different people with many excuses and fake promises.Many complain about their services didn't work and many ended up in worse condition.Many say theres no Drs. around only woman who claim to be nurses when you visit the treatment center. PLEASE DONT FIND YOURSELF A VICTIM OF THIS SCAM,PLEASE RESEARCH THE MANY ONLINE REVIEWS ABOUT THESE PEOPLE FIRST.THEY ARE SCAMMING PEOPLE FOR THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS.THE ABOVE LINK IS SOME OF THE REVIEWS PEOPLE HAVE SHARED ABOUT THEIR EXPERIENCE.
I recieved a phone call claiming I won A $300 coupon from their contest as well,It was weird how I won before the contest even ended!! So this is what prompted me to research first.
Good luck,


Anonymous said...

Yep yep yep. Every time I see it on a blog I cringe!

Not2Haute said...

Thank you. I entered that. When they called, I simply couldn't go that month. I'll retweet your warning. Keep helping people.

Shannon's Tales of Motherhood said...

It's a shame.It's just not right to scam anyone for anything! Thanks for visiting!

Shannon's Tales of Motherhood said...

I'm so glad you know better!! It's so much money to be out of.Thanks for your comment,I will try to keep helping