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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Who brings comfort and joy to my life!!!!

Twittermoms and Kleenex has teamed up and requested me to share with you who brings comfort and joy to my life! You can read more about this request here

When i first saw this request posted at Twittermoms i knew i had to share,this would be a good topic to share with my readers because it was something i was just thinking about yesterday.This hits home for me because its something so special and dear to my heart.My good friend Zabrina,she brings me comfort and joy in my life on a daily basis.I could blog atleast 40 pages about all the comfort and joy she gives me.

For me a friend is someone who i can trust and believe in,someone who is here for me and willing to give me their shoulder to cry on at anytime.In return im that same friend to them.In my life i have had many good friends who i have been able to laugh and cry with.We would be close for many years and share many secrets.I still have these friends but i have this one special friend named Zabrina.When asked to blog about who brings comfort and joy in to my life i have to say she is off the charts!!!!
Our friendship is so special to me in so many ways.I struggle on a daily basis with excessive sleepiness called Narcelepsy.I can barely funtion even with taking medication,it takes alot of energy for me to just get up out of the bed in the mornings to shower.Getting showered and dressed daily is much more like a 2hr job.As a mother of 4 children i have been so blessed to have Zabrina as part of my life.Not only does she work a full time job she also helps me care for my 4 kids.Many mornings are hard for me,my 3yr old is like having 4 toddlers! Zabrina is right by my side helping to get him ready for school and out the door on time all before she starts work.The other kids are teens so they pretty much can do alot themselfs.
Zabrina has been here for me through thick and thin,on those days i cant open my eyes its her who will pick the kids up from school,help them with their homework and loves cooking dinner! I would be so lost without her,,on many days when i would cry and be ready to give up Zabrina would lend me her shoulder to cry on and give me that extra push to keep going.We have been friends for the past 17yrs and i look forward to the many more years to come!!

Do you have someone or something that brings joy and comfort in your life?Please share by leaving a comment!Also if you would like to send someone special a FREE PACK OF KLEENEX tissue from the  Softness Worth Sharing web site click here 

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