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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Start of My Lifestyle Change~~~ Day4

Today was day4 and im still hanging in there for the long ride!! I did my weigh in and im happy to tell you all that i lost some weight! To make a long story short- when i first commited myself to My Fitness Pal in April 2010 i weighed 283lbs,i gave up once again and found myself up to 288.8lbs by July9th 2010.So when i started My Lifestyle Change June17,2010 i weighed myself in at 285.2lbs so i lost about 3 lbs in those 2 weeks.Knowing myself  i had to do something because i was still obese,i was still un healthy.I was anxious today  to weigh in because i know i been putting in some effort these past 4 days.I went down to 281.6,,yes folks i lost 3.6lbs in 4 days!! I cant tell you this is easy because its not,i do struggle i struggled really bad on Day1 and went over many calories then my limit i had set.However i can say that as each day i get through its been a little easier.Today i wanted so bad to eat chocolate because its almost that time of the month(yuk),i didnt deny myself from eating a few mini m&m choc chip cookies.If it would of been 5 days ago i would have easily ate 2 of the mini bags myself and snack on other junk food.I was in control today i ate a couple and put the bag down.It wasnt hard,i was suprised.I am changing and i am happy.I do have a long rode ahead of me so im taking it 1 day at a time.Im really feeling good.I know some of you think that 3lbs isnt alot but to me its a HUGE deal.On my Day 8 i will weigh in again.If anyone would like to do this with me please let me know,you can post a comment or email me at  i'd love to have a partner!!