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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Seattle - Sights of Your Life

Seattle - Sights of Your Life

Transitions Lenses and SocialMoms has partnered together in honor of the Transitions Lenses Sightseeing City Tour stop in Seattle at the Washington Brewers Festival and asked if I could help promote this event as well as share my most cherished sights in my life with you!

I think sometimes without realizing it we can take things for granted easily. Our vision is something so important and needed in our life's. Being able to watch the sun set or seeing flowers growing is so awesome.
We have such a beautiful world with so many things to see and nature makes it all possible. It's amazing how we see the color of things such as grass, tree's and animals. Just seeing the sky, the moon and stars is wonderful. Being able to see our children walk and run having fun is a great site to see.

As I type this post I'm remembering a few memorable sites I have experienced as a little girl. One of my most favorite would be when my parents would take me to Long's Park to feed the ducks.  I would sit along side of the water watching the ducks swim all in a row. The mama duck would have her baby ducks following her peacefully. I'd look around and see all of the trees and be amazed how pretty they were. The sun would be bright and I would just be in my own little world. Now that I have kids I take them to the same spot and I watch them enjoy feeding the ducks and being able to experience that great feeling. Without a healthy vision we wouldn't be able to experience these things.
Growing up my mother would always tell me how important our vision is and to appreciate it. I have learned from her by keeping up with eye exams on a regular basis for my children as well. My son and I wear glasses, I make sure we wear them as directed especially when reading. It can be a pain having to clean them sometimes but it's way worth being able to see.

So tell me how does a healthy sight play a role in your family's life? Please feel free to share by commenting below.

For the good news: Transitions lenses, in partnership with Pearle Vision will be in Seattle at the Washington Brewers Festival June 15- 17th 2012. Visit their booth because their offering free vision screenings for the whole family and the opportunity to have your photo taken in front of a scenic backdrop! To read more about this click here.

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