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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Cold-EEZE and Maty's Healthy Products #Review

Cold-EEZE and Maty's Healthy Products #Review

For the past week my son has been sick with a cold, he had the terrible cough with the runny nose, red eyes and a slight fever. I worry about the different medicines available these days with the side affects so I was kind of trying to allow his cold to "run it's course" until it went away. After 4 days it was only getting worse, his cough was louder and his nose was so red from blowing it.

Just yesterday I received a package in the mail with Cold-EEZE Oral Spray, an over- the- counter zinc-based cold remedy, and a bottle of All Natural Cough Syrup - Maty's Healthy Products, a line of all natural remedies. I was recently asked to do a review about these products and they came at the right time!!

After the 4 days of my son having his cold I decided to give the Cold-EEZE Oral Spray a try!

I was impressed because the Cold-EEZE Oral Spray is so easier to administer with just a dose of 2 sprays and go!! My son gives me a hard time taking liquid or chewable medicine so I have to say this is great for the kids who don't like meds. This Oral Spray has a natural Cherry Flavor, it worked really fast to stop his nose from running. I don't really hear him cough much and the red eyes are gone! I'm now a fan of Cold-EEZE!!

The Maty's All Natural Cough Syrup, has antioxidant rich Buckwheat Honey & 9 immune support ingredients. It's a natural remedy for the family and is approved for all ages, I haven't been sick for some time and I hope to never have to catch a cold again but if I do I would definitely be using the Maty's All Natural Cough Syrup! 
Do you use any remedies to help your children or yourself feel better? Please feel free to share!



sueparks2003 said...

Awe, poor boy! I always hated when my children were sick, especially because 2 of them took meds which I had to be super careful what I mixed with them. My oldest is disabled and still lives with me the all natural would work great for him (after I checked w/ his Dr. of course. I use to try boiling onions, using hot towels on their chest (not to hot) & Broth or popsicles. Once in a while the colds would end with that and liquids of course but not always.
Gladys P