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Friday, October 21, 2011

Wallmart Layaway is Back!

Wallmart Layaway is Back!

If you were disappointed like me when Wallmart ended their layaway's then this may be great news for you! Of course if you didn't know by now as of October 17th.Wallmart started their layaway back again! So go to your local Wallmart and start your Christmas shopping! Of course I'm last minute with everything as you can tell with this post....
10% of your purchase price with a $5 service charge
Final pickup and payment made must be by December 16,so this gives us time.

I'm not sure if layaway can be placed on line,I will have to add that to my call list!(last minuite:)
Don't forget they have store price matching, just bring your ad with you!!!

I'm going for the electronics!! What about you? What are some things on your list this year???