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Friday, September 16, 2011

Do You Live Green? Get Your Free Recycle Points!

Do You Live Green?

How do you feel about.....

Our kids breathing in clean air?
Having crystal clean,clear water to drink?
Having our food come from natural clean farms that are healthy?
Having natural rain forests always having a place on this earth?
Would you like to see our health cares come down to an affordable place by people being more healthier?

I know as parents we want the best future for our children,we care about our earth. Are we doing EVERYTHING we can do to make the earth better? Can we live a little more greener? Please keep reading to see what you can do to live greener & earn prizes and coupons!

Recycling is so important, It can make a huge difference in our world. Just by simple things like recycling our prescription bottles,cans,newspapers helps.Instead of brown paper bags for school lunches use reusable lunch boxes.Recycle unused cell phones or other electronic gadgets that you don't use.So many things we can do will help to have a better,safer,cleaner world.

Please feel free to share about the way you recycle,I'd love to hear tips,suggestions or comments that can help us all.

As a member of Recyclebank I love learning about different ways to recycle,it's a neat site because as I'm learning I'm also "earning",,,by checking out their site I receive points to redeem for discounts and merchandise at places I love to shop at!! You can do the same by checking out Recyclebank .
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