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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Our Children Are Our Future

                                     Our Children Are Our Future                      

As Parents it's so important for us to support our children by encouraging them to stay in school.They are our future in this world.Our children go through so many challenges and struggles to make it through the school years.So much bullying and peer-pressure is always lurking some where.Are we doing all we can do to help stop school bullying?Do you feel as the teachers are doing their parts as teachers to prevent it?
This topic is so important to me and it makes me sad when I watch t.v news and the headlines are stories of kids being bullied.How do you feel about this?Do you think as parents were doing all we can?How can we help stop this?Are we taking those extra minutes out our hectic day to talk with our kids?

Please feel free to comment about bullying,share some tips or vent.I'd love to read what how you feel about this.