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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Tell a Gal Pal about domestic violence. Let’s face it together

Break the taboo. Educate Others. Support Survivors
Did you know these startling facts?
Each day in the U.S., 3 women die as a result of domestic violence.

More than 1 in 4 women will experience domestic violence in her lifetime. 

Nearly 3 out of 4 Americans know someone who is or has been a victim.

Only 54 percent of Americans have talked to a friend about domestic violence, and only 56 percent would know what to do to help a victim of domestic violence
The Allstate Foundation and TwitterMoms have teamed up to raise awareness of domestic violence, and they need our help by  joining the Tell a Gal Pal movement, which calls on everyone to talk openly about domestic violence and support those in need~
Domestic violence touches millions – more than seven out of 10 Americans know someone who is or has been a victim – but somehow it still remains a taboo subject.
                                                             How can we help??
Tell a Gal Pal about domestic violence so we can face the issue together during October’s Domestic Violence Awareness Month – and beyond
Talk openly about domestic violence.
Speak out against domestic violence when you see it
Pledge to Tell a Gal Pal and Help Raise Money to Support Domestic Violence Survivors
by joining the Tell a Gal Pal Movement on Facebook.The Allstate Foundation will donate $1 to the National Network to End Domestic Violence (up to $20,000) for every person to "Like" the Click to Empower on facebook.
The Allstate Foundation will donate another $1 if you take the pledge to Tell a Gal Pal about domestic violence. As part of the pledge, your photo will be added to the “Faces of Support” gallery to show survivors that they aren’t facing domestic violence alone.
Help us reach our goal of raising $20,000. Tell a Gal Pal to join the movement on Facebook! Please feel free to post the Tell a Gal Pal widget on your blog,twitter,facebook, clicking on the bottom of the widget on right side of my bar.Thanks
~I wrote this blog post while participating in The Allstate Foundation’s Tell a Gal Pal blogging program with TwitterMoms, making me eligible to get an interview with Cheryl Burke. For more information on how you can participate click here!



You would think that in this day and age that people would stand up against domestic violence more...but people still won't stand up...BUT DAMN THEY NEED TO!

Great post!!!

shannon717717 said...

Thanks for your comment,hopefully many more people will stand up soon.Many just dont know how to or are just afraid,i hope i can help out by this blog post.