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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Five Things On My ‘Honey-do’ List That Never Get Done!!

TwitterMoms and ServiceLive asked for a 500 words or less post about "5 things on your 'Honey-do' list that never get done",,you can view more about that request here!,Wow,at first i was thinking it would be simple but now that im thinking about this,smoke is coming full force from my ears!! Its so hard to choose 5 Things because over the course of a 13yr marrige Mr.Flora has many more things on My Honey-do List!!
So i managed to choose 5 as my blood is boiling!lol
  1. The air conditionar in our living room window is missing the right side cover that keeps the air from going out of the window.He has the opening stuffed with a BIG sweatshirt! How embarasing it is when company comes over!
  2. My Computer Desk leans to the side,the screws are so loose so im sure its going to fall in soon!
  3. The toliet always fills to the top when its flushed, my 2yr old flushing toys down it every month.It over flowed last week and its still not fixed.
  4. Our bedroom door wont close due to a few screws,i dont mind that so much because it stops the wild play nights husband wants to have because the kids can see in~
  5. The kitchen cabinet door needs to be repaired,every time i open it up to reach for a can of veggies the door hangs low and smacks me right in the head!
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clallen said...

oh Shannon! i feel your pain! my husband has a long "honey do" list too!