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Thursday, October 29, 2009

2010 Womans Day Planner giveaway!!

priority...You know, those little daily chores and lists that fill up too much space in your planner {and cover up those big events, that you end up missing beause your planner is way too crowded!}. This is honestly a great way to organize your life. And as a busy Mom,

you may need some organizing!!

The planner also has a 2-page chart before each Month that enables you to:

~ Set monthly goals for yourself and the whole family

~ Tract that month of finances

~ Write down important dates, and 'don't forgets' for the the next month.

The Womans Day Planner also has sections on:

~ Tracking monthly finances

~ Important phone numbers

~ Address and Contact information

and many more features!!
Closes Oct 29/2009 at 9pm MST.