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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Another Year Coming

So every year before New Years i always set a goal to achieve ,,mostly its a weight loss goal.I start out really good and the first 3-8 days im excited,by day 10 im starving and ready to eat any chocolate or fried food that comes my way.By day 15 im in bed all day because i gained the few pounds back that i lost by starving myself on a cabbage soup diet or fruit and veggie diet or protien ect,,so what do i do?i give up once again and call myself a fat girl and every other name in the book.
Well im finally at the point where im sick and tired of all this diet garbage TALK and playing the victim role.Im changing to a healthier eating lifestyle that dont deprive me of food and drinks.I will eat,in fact i will eat even more!!! Sounds to good to be true right? Thanks to my dear friend Crystal Allen,she has showed me the light at the end of the tunel.She showed me the way to a healthier,lifestyle thats changing me for the rest of my life.
Her and i struggle to keep the change but were hanging in's simply 6 starches,3fruit,3veggie,8water,4protien,2milk and 4 fat!!! I know its alot of food,and you might think it's all not true but this is it folks.The basics of a healthier lifestyle,and it works only if you work it. Breakfast-1starch
Evening snack-1fruit

In between drink 8cups of water(i love crystal light mix)
Yes folks,thats alot of food but small portions throughout your day!
I thank Crystal for this perfect change.
The challenge is;
who wants to change their ways of eating or dieting to what we call 'The healthier Lifestyle Change?" If you want to do this with us to feel better and to be healthier let me know how it goes,keep me posted with your changes and feelings. Good Luck to a New Life.


clallen said...

hey friend! you know i am in... i just wish it were easier than this.

Anonymous said...

This is awesome! Thank you for sharing with us! You must really love helping other people?

Anonymous said...

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Wishing you much luck in your quest!